BPS Dentures

Biofunctional Prosthetics systems or BPS dentures are high quality dentures that function exactly like natural teeth. BPS dentures are given to those people who are very conscious about quality, and in no way, they agree to artificial-looking dentures.
It is a product created with cooperation between dentists and dental technicians. When a patient opts for BPS dentures, sophisticated instruments are used to record various facial information like recreating your smile, restoring the natural contour of the lips and facial muscles.
Only certified technicians are allowed to manufacture these high quality dentures due to the use of advanced technology. The patients who get BPS dentures, visit the dental hospitals after six months, to make sure there are no infections and the patient is satisfied with the product. At FortDental, we analyze your facial structure and fabricate quality dentures with the best materials available in the market today.

Advantages of BPS dentures

  • The high quality dentures can be customized to suit the person's facial structure
  • They offer comfort and a perfect fit for patients
  • Reduces irritation in gums
  • Makes eating and chewing all kinds of food easy
  • BPS dentures are made of high-quality material, which makes it stronger and durable
  • They are easy to clean and maintain as it is stain-proof
  • Provide optimum aesthetics with a smooth surface
  • Made of healthy and clinically approved materials

    Procedure for making BPS dentures
  • The primary impressions for BPS dentures are taken with a material that minimally compresses the tissues.
  • The second impression is taken with an impression paste made of zinc oxide eugenol
  • A trial denture is created for the patient to test
  • The measurements taken during the trial is sent to the laboratory to create the permanent denture

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