Bone Grafts
Bone Grafts

bone grafts

What is bone graft?
A bone graft is a surgical procedure wherein problems with bones are fixed. Bone grafting refers to transplanting bone tissue whenever there is a periodontal bone loss or any injury that has damaged the bone tissues.
A bone graft is opted to provide structural stability to the teeth in times of extreme amounts of toxins and plaque.
Why do you need a bone graft?
You need a bone graft if you seek treatment for bone loss in teeth:

  • Plack and calculus or tartar buildup inside the mouth
  • Loose and infected gums
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Presence of gum pockets
  • Quest for aesthetics

Types of Bone Grafts
Bone grafting is an apt treatment for bone loss in teeth.
Bone grafts are basically substitutes of bone tissues such as powders, gels, or sponges. They are placed in areas with declining bone tissue. This is done to enhance new bone formation and apply regeneration.
There are various kinds of bone grafts available for this periodontal bone loss:

  • Osteogen
  • Biogran
  • Perioglad
  • Fisigraft

What happens during a bone craft?
  • Before determining the type of bone graft best suited for your periodontal bone loss, the doctor will administer general anesthesia.
  • An incision is made to carry out the treatment for bone loss in teeth. This incision is made in the skin that is right above where the graft is to be put.
  • The graft is placed inside the incised region
  • Once the graft is held in place, the wound will be sealed up again

What to do after the treatment?
Take proper medication and instill a habit of maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Go for regular checkups for updates on your periodontal bone loss. If you used to smoke, it is crucial that you quit smoking after the treatment.

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