What is CAD-CAM?
Computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are used to improve and enhance the structure, design, of a dental implant, dental filling, or even dental prostheses. They are majorly used for crown, inlays, bridges, support, and dentures. Digital technology is used to enhance the aesthetics of the dental structure.
CAD CAM covers all the work starting from taking a picture to create a 3D model or tooth. They produce fast and effective results.
Advantages of CAD-CAM
There are various reasons to choose CAD-CAM. They include:

  • Any dental implant, crown, or filling can be stuck together on the same day. One need not undergo toothache and dental procedure for weeks.
  • CAD CAM generates a 3D image, which helps the dentist understand the patient's condition precisely.
  • The external fixture is durable and firmly attached to the original tooth (or teeth).
  • Dental restorations are accurate and fit when done with the help of CAD-CAM.

Procedure for CAD-CAM

  • A scanner is used to get an image of the oral structure.
  • The image is converted into a 3D model using the software.
  • The software sends the data to a dental milling machine, which manufactures the required dental accessory.
  • Ceramic, resin, or composite resin is used to fill the hole or make a crown.

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