Complete Denture

A complete denture is the process of dental treatment where artificial teeth are used to restore the full complement of missing teeth. When a person loses all of their teeth either due to old age or some unfortunate accident, a complete denture can prosthetically restore the appearance of the damaged teeth. Since this is a process that is done after the loss of all the teeth, the wound must heal completely so that the patient doesn't get any infection.
Types of full mouth dentures Patients can choose from two types of dentures at Fort Dental:
1. Fixed Complete Dentures:
These are implant-supported, anchored firmly into the living bone tissue. Due to their firm anchorage, the fixed complete denture does not slip, and as such, patients don't need to use adhesives.
2. Removable Complete Dentures:
These can be removed as and when the patient desires. Since they are not anchored, removable complete dentures require constant adjustment or the use of dental adhesives to keep them in place.

The procedure of making complete dentures

  • On the first day, the doctor takes a patient's primary teeth impression
  • A functional impression is taken in the second appointment to record broader areas
  • Bite impression is taken to estimate the space between the upper and lower jaws
  • A sample set is manufactured and tested by the patient
  • The final denture is given

Benefits of complete denture
  • Improved chewing ability
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Help in speech and pronunciations
  • Prevents sagging of cheeks and lips

Do you need full mouth dentures? Generally, full mouth dentures are given to a patient whose teeth have been either fallen off or removed completely. As such, the wound needs to be healed before the complete denture procedure could start. However, there is an option for immediate dentures that are pre-made and can be used as soon as the front teeth are removed.

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