Cosmetic Gum Surgery
Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Our practices aim at an everlasting smile. With our cosmetic gum surgery, we reconstruct your smile, providing you an eternal flow of confidence.
What is cosmetic gum surgery?
Cosmetic gum surgery is a dental procedure to enhance the gums. People who feel that their gums are a little too high or low on their teeth, a gum graft, or gum recession surgery is an option for them. They are a group of procedures that involve uncovering the covered tooth surface.
What the different types of gum surgeries?
Soft tissue grafts
Soft-Tissue Grafts or the gum recession surgery is a teeth gum treatment that is used to cover exposed roots. When gums recede due to periodontal infection, it pulls away from the teeth. Periodontal plastic surgery techniques can repair some coverage and drastically improve a person's smile.
Gum Contouring
Gum Contouring is a teeth gum treatment for removing excess spread of gums causing "gummy" smile. A method called "gum contouring" is often used to remove spread gum tissue and reveal more of the crown of the tooth. In fact, your gum line can be precisely sculpted to produce just the right symmetry between the tooth surface and gum tissue, and the result is a better-looking smile. It is basically the opposite of the soft tissue graft method. Frenectomy
Frenectomy is a simple method that relieves excessive forces on your gum tissues caused by fibers that attach muscles of the oral structures to the gum tissue. A 'Frenum' is a pleat of soft tissue that attaches the gums with the essential aspect of your lips. Sometimes, this muscle might pull the gums away from your teeth, making the deposits into the gums leading to a pocket formation. It may also expand the spaces between your teeth.

Why do you need gum recession surgery?

  • Decreased sensitivity as the exposed roots are covered
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Slows down tooth decay and bone and tissue loss

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