fixed partial denture
fixed partial denture

Fixed Partial Denture

This is one of the older techniques to deal with missing or broken teeth. Fixed Partial Denture is a procedure that is commonly referred to as a ‘bridge.’ For this procedure, the adjoining teeth and gums must be in a healthy condition.
When a single tooth is damaged, a ‘crown’ is fitted in such a way that it completely encircles a tooth. A crown is made using porcelain fused to metal, metal alloys, or ceramic. When more than a single tooth is damaged or missing, it is recommended to opt for a ‘bridge.’
A bridge is also considered in instances where implants cannot be fitted and when the cost is a factor. The bridge is fixed to anchor teeth, which are shaped to receive the crowns. The procedure can take 2-3 sittings before completion.
Benefits of Crowns and conventional bridges
The advantage of this procedure is it bridges the gaps without altering the alignment of the other existing teeth. The advantages of crowns and conventional bridges are:

  • Long lifespan
  • Easy to clean
  • Improved aesthetics and chewing efficiency
  • Sometimes they can become loose or fall out but can be fixed with an immediate trip to the dentist

Types of fixed partial dentures:
Two types of fixed partial dentures are:
Resin-bonded fixed partial dentures:
A bonded bridge is nothing but one or more artificial teeth between metal wings. The wings are bonded to the anchor teeth with a suitable resin. This method is more cost-effective and involves lesser tooth-reduction.
Caring for your fixed partial dentures
Fixed Partial Dentures have long lifespans provided good oral hygiene is maintained. It is essential to brush twice a day and floss regularly. At Fort Dental Hospital, we insist on regular check-ups after the procedure to ensure the dentures remain in good condition.

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