flap surgery
flap surgery


What is a flap or gum surgery?
A type of gum surgery, gingival flap surgery is done when a moderate or advanced level gum disease or periodontitis forms and puts the teeth at risk. Since the ligaments and bone tissue surrounding them, at this stage, are destroyed, there is a probability of a loss of teeth.
However, before performing gum surgery, it is necessary to control the disease by non-surgical procedures like cleaning and scaling. Once these procedures prove unbeneficial, a periodontal flap surgery becomes the only treatment option. This procedure is also known as gum pocket treatment.
Moreover, in flap surgery, the gums are separated from the teeth and folded back temporarily. This allows the periodontist to get to the root of the tooth and the bone. Why do you need a flap surgery?

  • one deficiencies can be repaired with grafting substance.
  • roper regeneration of the periodontal ligament can be restored

How is a flap surgery performed?
  • his type of gum pocket treatment is typically done under local anesthesia, accompanied by oral anti-anxiety medications. It may similarly be performed under intravenous conscious sedation. 
  • nce the anesthesia is injected, a small cut is made to separate the gums from the teeth.
  • he gum tissue on the outline is folded back gently, giving the roots, and its supporting ligament and bone tissue easy access
  • he inflamed gum tissue is removed to clean the teeth roots
  • he cut is closed, and the procedure is finished

Prevention from gum surgery
Lack of proper oral care is the main cause of gum disease. Following things can help prevent gum surgery:

  • Proper brushing with anti-bacterial and fluoride toothpaste (twice a day)
  • Flossing daily to remove plaque
  • Visiting dentist for regular checkups and cleaning
  • Quitting tobacco products

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