Flexi Denture
Flexi Denture

Flexible Dentures

Dentures are, essentially, devices that are constructed to replace missing teeth. They are a form of prosthetics and are supported by the tissues surrounding the oral cavity. They behave exactly like healthy teeth and enable regular functioning of the mouth while also improving the aesthetic of the jawline. There is an adjustment period while using traditional dentures. They can get uncomfortable to use at times.
The advent of flexible dentures has practically eliminated this problem. Flexible Dentures are a type of partial denture. They are preferred when a few teeth are missing or when a fixed partial denture is not possible. The denture consists of the missing teeth, which are attached to an artificial gum. A metal framework connects both these fixtures.
At Fort Dental Hospital, dentures are fabricated to a high standard and are correctly fitted in the mouth. They are affordable and are sure to leave you with a happy smile!
Why flexible dentures
One of the advantages of flexible dentures is that it is made of a much softer material than a regular denture. It is made of thin material like nylon or flex, which gives rise to its flexibility and ease of wear. Some of the other benefits are:

  • Lighter in weight than traditional dentures
  • Non-invasive fabrication process
  • Better functionality and improved chewing efficiency
  • Aesthetic look
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to remove and maintain
  • Flexible Dentures are durable and less prone to breakage

Maintaining Your Flexible Dentures
Cleaning flexible dentures is easy:
  • Place the dentures in the prescribed cleaning solution overnight when not in use.
  • Brush them to remove any debris and rinse with water to clean traces of the solution.

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