Importance Of Milk teeth
Importance Of Milk teeth

Importance of Milk Teeth

Milk teeth, also known as baby teeth, deciduous teeth, or primary teeth, grow in our childhood. Developing underneath the gums, Milk teeth are the first set of teeth in the process of human body development. By the time we reach preschool, we have a complete set of 20 milk teeth along with four molars on each arch. They develop and erupt (become visible) during the embryonic stage of development.

Functions of Milk Teeth
Speech Production and Development: Proper positioning of the teeth for correct pronunciation.
Eating and Nutrition: Disformity or severely decayed teeth can cause Malnutrition and dietary deficiencies in the child. Decayed teeth further affect the child's dental health.
Self-confidence: Young kids do not think much before speaking, and so they quickly point out to someone with crooked teeth or deformity. Taking proper care of the primary teeth can lead to positive social interaction, reduce the risk of bad breath, and build the confidence of the child.
Straighter Smiles: Having a perfectly straight smile is associated with building self-confidence. One of the significant functions of milk teeth is to make and maintain proper space in the mouth for developing adult teeth. These spacers further help in aligning of the adult teeth and jaw development of the child. Your children's dental health is of utmost importance for us, and therefore, we try to provide you with the best possible service in the children's dental care department.

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