Metal free zirconium crown
Metal free zirconium crown

Metal Free Crown

What is a metal-free crown?
Metal-free crowns are made from materials other than metals like ceramic. The crown made out of ceramic, porcelain, or resin. It is used when one tooth or two or more teeth are missing.
The metal free crown can display all the characteristics that the natural teeth display. They transmit the light that falls on them and like natural teeth, showcase a white shine. The most commonly used element to manufacture a metal-free crown is Zirconia.
Types of metal-free crown
The metal-free crowns can be majorly classified into two types:
1. Translucent core:
Translucent core offers great outer appearance but has less durability compared to the opaque base. Some examples of the translucent core are the leucite core and the disilicate lithium core.
2. Opaque core:
This core is suitable for people with discolored teeth. The opaque base has excellent strength. Some examples of the opaque core are alumina core and zirconia core.

The procedure of metal-free crown
The process of getting a metal-free crown is pretty simple and requires a few days to be completed.

  • Firstly a base is set by drilling the tooth (or teeth).
  • Then the tooth (or teeth) and the gums are tested to find a suitable match. After this, the cementing of the crown is carried out.
  • The tooth (or teeth) is drilled for about 2mm, and the patient is given a temporary crown to wear.
  • After this, an appropriately shaped metal crown with a color similar to the patient's tooth is chosen and cemented. After cementing, nobody can tell the difference between artificial and original teeth.

Benefits of a metal-free crown
  • Metal free crown look similar to the natural teeth
  • They can boost one's self-image and confidence
  • They are durable and resistant
  • Metal free crowns are safe and cause zero infection or irritation

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