Papilla Reconstruction
Papilla Reconstruction


Our modern-day dentistry techniques include not just repair of lost teeth and the hard tissues they are linked with but also the extremely advanced technique of reconstruction of the encasing procedure. These black triangle doesn't just add an older appearance to our smiles, and they can also accumulate food and plaque. Many methods have been suggested to treat these soft tissue deformities in the interproximal, including both surgical and non-surgical methods. The triangular space is the open gingival embrasure, which is also called the black triangle.
This space is the result of the lack of gingival papilla that usually fills up the area. We take into account all the interdisciplinary aspects of the treatment, which includes prosthodontics, orthodontist, and even endodontics to achieve the best possible results.
What is pinhole surgery?
The most reliable surgery that can be prescribed for papillae reconstruction is pinhole surgery. It is a minimally invasive surgery option to reverse gum recession without sutures or grafting.
This novel technique unites techniques from traditional periodontal surgical methods, such as guided bone regeneration and coronally positioned flaps, to reverse the gum recession.

Benefits of pinhole surgery
A major advantage of pinhole surgical gum loss treatment compared to traditional grafting (connective tissue grafting) is the capability to mend as many teeth in one sitting as the patient desires. Additional advantages of pinhole surgery include:

  • Significantly less chair time than conventional procedures
  • Better patient acceptance
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Decreased risk of postoperative trismus
  • Fewer insurance restrictions

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