Pediatric dental emergencies
Pediatric dental emergencies


Children face a lot of dental emergencies. Lack of stability, learning to walk, running, or playing, often makes them prone to these emergencies.

Some of the major pedodontics dental emergencies include
1. Tooth-ache:
When a baby tooth is coming, injury or weak gums can cause toothache. A fallen tooth may also leave behind the pain. The treatment of the fallen tooth is to consult a dentist immediately. If tooth-ache is severe, keep an ice pack and take pain-killer.
2. Broken tooth:
A child may lose a part of his (or her) tooth due to some accident. Medical attention is required in this case.
3. Avulsion:
It is the displacement of an entire tooth from its socket. Replantation of a new tooth is recommended for this case.
4. Broken wires:
Many children wear braces. Due to some accident, the wire or braces may get torn or broken. In that case, go to the dentist immediately.
5. A cut in any part of the mouth:
A child may unknowingly bite his (or her) tongue. Cheek, or lips.

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