Prosthodontics is a branch of dentistry that is responsible for the study of design, manufacture, and fitting artificial replacement of teeth. Dental prosthodontics are greatly helpful for people who have a problem with chewing due to the loss of teeth. It also helps them make their speech clearer, which might be slightly slurry due to the lack of teeth. Fixed prosthodontics is also one of the ways how the patients could have permanently fixed dental prostheses.
Types of dental prosthodontics
1. Complete denture:
Complete dentures are used when all the teeth are missing from some accident or old age. These types of dentures are designed in a way where it fits both upper teeth and lower teeth perfectly.
2. Partial denture:
A partial denture is a part of dental prosthodontics where the restoration of only a few teeth is done. The teeth are attached to artificial gum, which is implanted into the natural gum with the help of a metal framework. This can be either fixed prosthodontics or removable.

How to take care of your dentures
Since most of the dental prosthodontics use removable dentures, patients are required to take good care of the dentures for its longevity.
Keep dentures clean
Even though these are made of artificial materials, building up of plaque and bacteria is not uncommon. To keep the dentures clean, the patient should use a non-abrasive brush to brush it.
Protect them overnight
The dentists always recommend soaking of the dentures overnight in clean, chlorine-free water. In the morning, before putting them to use, rinse them clean water to get rid of chemicals.
Monitor your dentures
Monitor the dentures from time to time to make sure they still are tight enough for your use. If you feel like the dentures have loosened up, visit the dentist and get a replacement. With proper care, dentures last longer and healthier.

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