Cosmetic  Dentistry
Cosmetic  Dentistry


EDental veneers laminates are one of the quickest ways to get perfectly aligned teeth, to give a cosmetic smile.These are thin shell-like materials of tooth-color that are fixed on the front surface of the teeth to improve their cosmetic appearance. They not only close the spaces but also can change the shape, shade, and position of the teeth. Few reasons why one should get dental veneers and laminates are:

  • It closes the spaces and gaps between your teeth using dental veneers.
  • The dental veneers also help with stained/discolored teeth. It will fix the discolored which is not fixed by the teeth whitening process.

  • This process also helps in fixing badly worn or chipped teeth. This can be fixed with both composite bonding as well as porcelain laminate veneers for long term results.

  • An ideal treatment for severely, crooked teeth is usually orthodontics or braces. But these treatments are very long and might take a year to fix it. For mildly crooked teeth, the veneers are a good choice, which is placed over them to get perfectly aligned teeth.

  • A composite veneer cost about Rs. 8000 and a porcelain veneer costs around Rs. 25,000.

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