Gum Depigmentation
Gum Depigmentation


“A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.”

Are you worried about your dark gums?
Do you have to hide your smile because of the dark color of your gums?
The dark pigmentation in gums can be caused due to excessive melanin secretion, just like it happens with the skin.
Worry no more, as our team of experts, is here to drive away all your gum pigmentation problems. We make sure that with the help of the latest technology in the dental cosmetic procedures, you get rid of the black or brown colored gums and have natural-looking pink colored gums instead.
The above-mentioned procedure is done using a process called gum depigmentation or gum stripping. It is done through the treatment of gums by a qualified dentist.
The treatment includes removal of the dark gum layer, after which a natural pink layer develops in a few days’ time. There is also an option of laser gum depigmentation wherein the laser is used for performing the surgery.
The surgery provides an extra boost of self-confidence to those who become conscious while smiling or speaking due to their dark-colored gums.

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