It is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis of dental and oro-facial diseases. The diagnosis is performed with the help of a clinical and radiological (X-ray) examination. The patients coming to the hospital are initially sent to the dental radiology department because it is a crucial branch for the first recording of the patient's illness. A thorough examination follows this inquiry.
Patients are asked to fill a questionnaire which asks for the following information-

  • Earlier visits to dental clinics
  • Any dental treatments which the patient has had in the past
  • Any systemic disease
  • Drug allergies, etc.
  • The hospital further takes note of the patient's occupation, habits like smoking, chewing tobacco/paan/gutka, etc.
The Doctor's advice
  • He may order X-rays of the problematic areas
  • Sometimes, a biopsy is required for a microscopic examination of the lesion
Placing of the Dental Implant The Department of Oral Medicine, Diagnosis, and Radiology at the hospital are fully equipped with intraoral cameras, dental software for patient awareness. There is a routine dental X-ray machine, Orthopantomograph with Cephalogram, etc. installed inside the hospital. This helps the doctor in the proper identification of the condition of the patient.
Orthopantomogram The hospital educates the patient regarding different issues, apart from diagnosing the dental problem. These include-
  • Dental Problem with which the patients come
  • Dental procedures required to rectify the problem
  • Any possible complications of the treatment
The above mentioned details, along with a thorough clinical examination of the patient, help in giving a better clue regarding the patient's condition. Diagnosis is the most important aspect of healthcare because proper diagnosis helps in planning a proper line of treatment. This results in better oral diagnosis and treatment planning.
A well-equipped oral health education room is made for familiarizing patients with different dental procedures. Health education helps the patient to be at ease while the treatment takes place.

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