Certain aspects of mandibular movements have been clinically proven to indicate some specific types of TM Dysfunction.
Several mandibular movement disorders have been cited as usual to diagnose stomatognathic disorders or diseases. JT-3D or 3D JAW TRACKER is a unique 3D tracker that generates the most accurate examination of mandibular movements available and allows the clinician to analyze the jaw movements of a patient in the most dynamic way. This 3D tracker tracks incisor-point in 3-D.
· A magnet, attached to the labial surface of the mandibular incisors, is tracked by an array of sensors to produce vertical, anterior-posterior, and lateral components of the movement.
· It mounts easily and provides an incredibly stable base for the sensors.
· This provides clear resolution even on the smallest of mandibular movements.
· The analysis of the speeds and patterns provides tremendous insight into diagnosis and treatment planning.
Jaw tracking by the 3D tracker is used
· To determine optimal chewing patterns,
· Detecting abnormal mandibular movements to help diagnose and treat the disease more accurately and
· Recording accurate, reproducible "bite registrations." The most relevant procedures used are chewing, speaking, range of motion, and swallowing. This analysis provides beneficial insights into diagnosis and treatment planning.

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