BOI Implants


Many of us wonder as to how are dental implants done. Well, the dental implant procedure is a relatively simple procedure involving low to nil risk. The question as to why should one opt for the dental implants also prevails in the mind of the patients. In answer to that, there are a lot of reasons why dental implants are in rage today.
The permanent teeth are left untouched, which can have a long-term benefit for your health. With proper care, many implants last a lifetime. Implants act and look like your teeth. Unlike dentures, implants are much more durable. Sliding dentures may cause difficulty in chewing, but that is not the case with the implants. We offer some of the lowest basal dental implants cost in India. BOI are some of the most advanced basal dental implants in India. They are specially designed for immediate loading.
The added benefit of these implants is that they can be loaded instantaneously, which means you can get permanent fixed teeth immediately after five days of the treatment. They are mainly seen in any one of the two conditions: deficiency of calcium in ridge bone which results in a thin jawline and insufficient bone height.

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