Cosmetic Gum Surgery
Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

Healthy Pink tissue surrounding our teeth are our gums which guide and dictate the health of our teeth.Gums not only add to the health of the teeth but also have a profound effect on the physical characterisation of the smile.
Cosmetic gum surgery involves
Gums which have reduced in size(recession of gums)
Uneven gums
Gummy smile(visibility of too much gums during smile)
Gums which have reduced in size(recession of gums)
IF YOU'RE PROBLEMS ARE Less gums/gums have gone down/recession of gums/or black triangles are seen.
Patients with issues like these are candidates for gums treatment ,depending upon the type of gums thin or thick.Yes,that is true not all patients have the same type of gums.
Gums can be thin or thick
Different colours
Different genetic predisposition (implies that different sets of gums respond to the same disease differently depending upon the genes of the patient).
So accordingly treatment also varies.If the patient has thick gums,well placed teeth,right amount of bone they can be a candidate for the surgery.
Different options exercised are veneers or laminates .
Gummy smile(visibility of too much gums during smile)
Gummy smile is when too much gums (more than 2mm) are displayed during smile
We here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL treat gummy smile with various treatment modalities.
MINIMAL INVASIVE SURGERY:done with BOTOX and fillers. Botox is a type of botulinum plant extract which causes relaxation of the muscles of the upper lip and beautifully creates the stunning smile we all desire.Patient does not have to go under any surgical,procedure for botox ,it is a completely non invasive,non surgical, painless ,blood free procedure. Small amount of botox is injected with hypodermic syringes in the lips which relaxes the muscles involved and reduces the excessive display of gums.
It is a minimally invasive procedure.
Less time consuming procedure.
Instant results are seen.
No bloody sites are seen.
Pain less treatment.
Minimally Invasive.
Patients can resume their normal routine after the procedure.
Follow up visits are important for permanent and satisfying results in the long term.
Lip repositioning:Procedure involves carefully evaluating the inner length of the lip and its attachments in the mouth and surgically altering it to decrease the amount of gingival display.
Area of concern that is the inner attachment of lip is given a shot of local anaesthesia (numbing shot),incsions planned after careful dellibration are placed,and the margins are repositioned,sutures are placed which are resorbable(dissolve on their own and need not be surgically removed).It is a surgical procedure and involves healing time of 5-7 days.
Visit to the specialist after the surgery is mandatory.

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