Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry


We here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL believe that beauty is an essence and body is a mere imitation.
Our unfailing aim is to enhance the spirit of aesthetics while encompassing the biological ideals of a healthy body.
Area around eyebrows is thinnest in the body.
Frown lines,wrinkles,pigmentation,discolouration,drooping and sagging is most commonly seen around eyes ,giving an all day tiring look on the face.
Chemical peeling/chemoablation involves the action of chemical agents targeted at removal of skin to achieve rapid,predictable and uniform thickness of skin.
Chemical peels are used for skin problems such as hyperpigmentation,scarring,non uniform skin tone,and patchy skin correction.
Here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL after careful evaluation, the patient is directed for the treatment.
Different types of peels are available for different types of hyperpigmentation ,scarring levels and different skin types.
Superficial peels:mandelic acid peels,pyruvic acid peels,lactic acid peels,salicylic acid peels
Medium peels:Glycolic acid peels
Deep peels:TCA peels

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