EMG – ELECTROMYOGRAPHY Surface ElectromyographyT

EMG is the standard method, accepted worldwide, for recording muscle-specific activities, analyze mandibular and masticatory muscle groups at stationary or in function.
The Electromyographical information, thus obtained, is used to create dentistry based on the physiology of the patient.
BioEMG is a surface electromyography unit that:
Uses exclusive programmable software and eight channels with an extremely high noise reduction ratio.
Measures the actions as well as the inactivity of the muscles of the head and neck to enable the clinician to test treatment procedures, evaluate bite positions, and develop a treatment plan accordingly.
Evaluate the effectiveness of the patient’s craniofacial musculature to be more confident about the treatment procedure.
Allows clinicians in evaluating the efficiency of the patient's musculature in positions of rest, chewing, and clenching.
Enables the identification of improper muscle function, over some time to ensure longer stability of the dental work.
Helps to categorize muscle activity and evaluate which muscle is resting and which is hyperactive.

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