Early Childhood Caries
Early Childhood Caries


Early childhood caries may occur at any time after the birth of the child until the child turns six years. ECC can be categorized into three stages, mainly, chalky white spots, brown spots, and severe decay.
The ECC results in missing tooth (or teeth) or decayed tooth (or teeth). It is an infectious disease. It is mandatory to consult a dentist after first baby-tooth comes out.

The leading causes of early childhood dental caries include:
1. Lack of dental hygiene:
If the child's mouth is not washed regularly, or the child does not brush daily, the tooth (or teeth) may start to decay, and this may cause childhood caries.
2. Consumption of food items that are loaded with sugar:
Keep a tab on your child's sugar consumption. Liquids (milk, porridge, milkshakes, or juices) loaded with sugar may affect the teeth and gums of the child.
3. Genetic:
Bacteria can be passed on to the baby or child from the mother or caretaker.
Avoiding sugar consumption, maintaining proper oral hygiene, visiting the dentist regularly (at least once in a month) and early childhood dental care, will help the child to prevent or overcome ECC.

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