Tooth extraction / removal surgeon
Tooth extraction / removal surgeon


Pain free dental extraction is not an oxymoron.We here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL firmly believe in achieving this.
Extractions are required when tooth cannot be salvaged.
Conditions such as :
Large carious lesions.
Loose teeth which cannot be saved.
Loose root pieces
Fractured tooth which cannot be restored
Large underlying infections involving tooth
Such conditions warrant extractions.
After careful planning and deliberations,radiographs of the desired site are obtained.Area is anaesthetised with a numbing shot.With the help of trained professionals procedure is performed in a single sitting and pain free.
Procedure is explained to the patient thoroughly.
Patients are advised to eat light and easily digested food 2-4 hours before the procedure.
Patients on other systemic medications are advised not to skip the dose.
Analgesic and antibiotic cover is extended to the patient if desired.
1.Swelling may persist for a few hours,no hot and cold application should be done without prior consultation of the doctor.
2.Avoid smoking during the course of treatment as it may have adverse effects.
3.Avoid consuming alcohol ,smoking and tobacco before or after the procedure.
4.Avoid consumption of hot beverages or spicy food during the first five days.
5.Consumption of easily chewable food items which are at room temperature are advised.
6.Drinking of liquid is preferred from the glass and using straw is not advised.
7.Continous spitting after the procedure is not advised.
8.Medically compromised patients should take due diligence in consumption of their other medications and follow a healthy diet.
9.Avoid strenuous workout,sports or other labour activities for first 24hrs after surgery.
9.In case of any discomfort doctor should be contacted immediately.
If suture/stitches are placed consult the doctor for removal of the same.

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