flap surgery
flap surgery


Conditions which require access to the root(lower portion of the tooth held firmly in bone and covered with gums) to debride it from deposits & toxins is not possible with conventional methods (scaling and root planing)
In such cases it is imperative to use surgical techniques (flap surgery to gain adequate access)
Flap is a section of gums and surgically separated from the underlying tissues to provide visibility of and access to the bone & root surface
Classification of flaps:
Based on exposure after flap reflection
A) full thickness : includes periosteum
B) partial thickness : includes only epithelial & layer of connective tissue PROCEDURE:
Surgical area (area to be operated upon) is anaesthetised(numbing shot),carefully planned incisions are made,flap is raised,debrided of any deposits and diseased tissue.Glass like smooth finish is given to roots which are already roughened with the disease by specific set of instruments called as curettes.Gum is then carefully placed back,sutures are given.
1.Swelling may persist for a few hours,no hot and cold application should be done without prior consultation of the doctor.
2.Avoid smoking during the course of treatment as it may have adverse effect on the outcome of implant placement.
3.Avoid alcohol ,smoking and tobacco.
4.Avoid consumption of hot beverages or spicy food during the first five days. 5.Consumption of easily chewable food items which are at room temperature are advised.
6.Drinking of liquid is preferred from the glass and using straw is not advised.
7.Continous spitting is not advised.
8.Medically compromised patients should take due diligence in consumption of their other medications and follow a healthy diet.
9.Avoid strenuous workout,sports or other labour activities for first 24hrs after surgery.
9.In case of any discomfort doctor should be contacted immediately.
1. Regular visits of 3 weeks followed by 6 months visit should be followed
2. Oral hygiene instruction should be strictly followed.

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