Flexi Denture
Flexi Denture


A removable partial denture is a prosthesis that replaces some teeth in a partially dentate arch, and can be removed from the mouth and replaced at will.
Removable or flexi dentures are advised for patients with:
(1) with teeth anterior and posterior to the space
(2) those with teeth either anterior or posterior to the space
Removable partial dentures can be designed in various ways to use abutment (natural teeth present in the mouth)teeth and supporting tissue for stability, support, and retention of the prosthesis.
The complete oral examination must include both clinical and radiographic interpretation of caries,the condition of existing restorations,periodontal conditions, responses of teeth (especially abutment teeth) and residual ridges to previous stress, and the vitality of remaining teeth.
Additionally, evaluation of the occlusal plane, the arch form, and the occlusal relations of the remaining teeth must be meticulously accomplished by clinical visual evaluation and diagnostic mounting.
After a complete diagnostic examination has been accomplished and a removable partial denture has been selected as the treatment of choice, a treatment plan is sequenced and a partial denture design is developed based on the support available.

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