Importance Of Milk teeth
Importance Of Milk teeth

Importance of Milk Teeth

Milk teeth /Deciduous teeth/Primary Teeth
Are vital to the oral and general health of the child.Milk teeth provide the foundation stone for upcoming teeth.
We should not neglect the importance of milk teeth ,as any infection involving milk teeth directly reflects onto the permanent teeth.
This misconception that milk teeth are not important for future need to be busted.
When to visit a specialist for milk teeth/or for children?
As soon as the first teeth erupt in the mouth.
What is the importance of milk teeth?
Swallowing,speech,development of oral musculature,space needed for permanent dentition,self confidence,and good oral and general health.
Can the irregular teeth in a child be ignored?
Absolutely,no visit to the specialist should be made.With intervention and preventive approach future problems can be avoided.
Dental caries in the milk teeth should not be taken seriously ,as they eventually shed off?
this is the wrong approach and should be discouraged.Any infection ,dental caries should not be overlooked as it involves gums,fibres around and eventually bone which in turn hampers the growth of permanent teeth.

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