gum treatment
gum treatment


What is flap surgery?
Flap surgery refers to a state-of-the-art method to treat any gum problems that need surgical treatment and repair. One of the most common gum problems is known as ‘Pocketing”. What happens in this condition is that there are consistent inflammation and infection that lead to the loss of tissues around the affected areas. It can cause major gum diseases if not treated timely. Thus, flap surgery is an imperative treatment.
Who needs laser flap surgery? A laser flap surgery is for anyone who has degrading dental health, and periodontists have detected problems. Though the conventional method of using a scalpel had been in practice for several years, developed science has now made it possible to use laser treatments. The biggest advantage of using laser flap surgery is that it causes less pain to the patients and takes less time, too. If you are wondering about the working of a laser, then it simply cuts the tissues and re-seals them. On the other hand, the traditional method of flap surgery needed stitches.
Which type of lasers are used?
When you are considering a flap surgery treatment, the best type of laser to use is the diode laser.

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