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Laser therapy has been one of the path-breaking discoveries in modern medicine. Its introduction gave rise to painless treatment procedures, which caused minimal discomfort to patients. It also ensures minimal damage to surrounding areas, something which wasn’t possible in manual procedures. The procedure requires a small, intense beam of light to be focused on the area to be treated. The laser beam reacts when it hits both hard and soft tissue, allowing for it to be removed or reshaped.

Laser therapy can also destroy any microbes present on the surface, thereby maintaining a sterile field. The intensity of the beam can be varied depending on the procedure to be undertaken. There is a degree of precision involved which previously wasn’t possible with conventional medical practice. There is a wide range of applications for laser treatment in the medical practice. It is used in ophthalmology, oncology, cosmetic surgery, and several fields of biomedical research. Dental Science is another field which has wholeheartedly embraced laser therapy.

Laser dentistry reduces recovery time and discomfort experienced with its use of cutting-edge technology. It is used in a variety of procedures from detecting cavities, healing ruptured wisdom teeth, treating benign tumours, and nerve regeneration. But in spite of its many benefits, the use of laser therapy in India is still limited. The increased cost of laser treatment is a crucial factor. However, Fort Dental Hospital prides itself on providing affordable laser therapy for all its patients. The hospital has a team of well-trained doctors who possess years of experience performing specialised treatments. There is utmost care taken to ensure safety and protective eyewear is a must for all our laser procedures.

With the finest lasers and reduced cost of laser treatment, Fort Dental Hospital is the best laser clinic in Hyderabad for laser dentistry.

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