Laser Depigmentation
Laser Depigmentation


Pigmentation in gum can be a massive discomfort for many people. It affects the self-confidence of many, who hide their smiles in a quest to hide the pigmented gums. The cause pigmentation is many and includes an excess deposit of melanin, low levels of hemoglobin, and genetics. However, dental procedures like laser de pigmentation can be the solution they need to gain their lost confidence. It is also known as gum bleaching, a process in dentistry where the black spots or patches are removed or lightened to match the natural color of the gum.
Why use a laser? Of all the periodontics procedures, laser treatment of gums is more efficient and promising. With the procedure, patients can feel slight discomfort. However, it is, otherwise, virtually painless. A dental laser is able to target and ablate melanin-producing cells melanocytes precisely. As such, laser de pigmentation is a better option over scalpal procedures.
Moreover, due to the lack of blood and the ease of operation, laser procedures are preferred by both patients and doctors.
What type of laser is used? Among all the lasers available, we at FortDental, prefer using Diode lasers and Nd: YAG for this procedure due to its effective penetration in melanocytes and homostatic properties.
Benefits of laser depigmentation

  • Despite feeling a little discomfort, the procedure is painless
  • The procedure does not take more than 20-45 minutes
  • The effects of laser treatment of gums last up to 20 years
  • Boosts self-confidence

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