Laser Depigmentation
Laser Depigmentation

Laser desensitization

What is laser desensitization?
It has been noted that suffering from sensitive tooth (or teeth) can completely degrade your lifestyle because you cannot enjoy basic joys of life, such as a tub of your favorite ice cream, the newest cold drink, or sweet-dishes. Since your teeth are sensitive to extreme cold and hot products, you feel a strong stinging sensation when exposed to them. Moreover, there is a high chance that you cause permanent damage to your nerves or develop other oral diseases. In such a situation, only laser desensitization can save you. Laser desensitization can eliminate the sensitive spot for several years to come.
How does a laser desensitizer work?
Using a laser desensitizer is an inexpensive and long-term method of treating sensitive teeth. The best type of laser desensitizer is known as ‘Erbium’ and is the first pick of surgeons. It melts the tooth surface and treats the dentinal tubules directly. Consequently, sensitivity is cured for a long-term period. If you are worried that it will hurt, then you must let go of all your inhibitions right now. Laser desensitization is a simple process that consumes no time at all.

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