LASER Gum Coutouring
LASER Gum Coutouring

Laser Gum Contouring

What nature doesn't provide, cosmetic dentistry can achieve. At FortDental, we strive to drive away insecurity regarding one's smile or size of gums aways with procedures like laser gum contouring. Our approach of using water along with low-level laser beams enables us to perfectly shape patient's gums without the mess of blood and sutures.
Why use a laser?
Most dental surgeries in the past (and present) involve sutures and scalpel, leading to bleeding and pain. Using laser for dental procedures ensure that a patient can get painless gum surgery. Due to the lack of trauma to the site of surgery during its use, there is virtually no healing time required after a procedure.
Moreover, patients and doctors alike find laser dental procedures hassle-free and clean, as everything is clearly visible. The lack of necrosis is another plus point to laser gum contouring due to the use of water and low-level beams.
What type of laser is used?
When the target is gum excision, the laser of choice is Diode laser. However, in cases where there is a need for both gum and bone contouring, Erbium is preferred. At FortDental, we use both as per the patient requirement.
Benefits of laser gum contouring

  • Laser contouring uses safe surgical laser, making the process less painful
  • Reduces the amount of bleeding during and after surgery
  • Faster healing due to fewer open wounds
  • Fewer chances of infection due to lack of physical contact
  • The recovery process is minimal, comfortable with less irritation

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