LASER root canal treatment
LASER root canal treatment

Laser Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is one of the most complex procedures for a doctor to perform. Often it can get quite painful for a patient. A root canal is required when the soft inner tissue of the tooth has an infected cavity or is damaged due to neglect. The treatment is based on the efficient disinfection of the root canal system such that it does not get infected again. It can require multiple visits to ensure reasonably accurate treatment. The advent of laser therapy means that it is possible to undergo the procedure without the pain generated by conventional treatment.
Benefits of Laser Root Canal treatment
Laser Root Canal Treatment involves focusing parallel beams of intense light on the infected region. With traditional treatment procedures, there is the possibility of \some bacteria remaining in the canal wall. But with laser beams, all bacteria are eliminated and the region is completely sterile. Local anesthesia is administered to eliminate the possibility of any pain. Many clinics are also utilising ‘Laser-assisted Root Canal Treatment,’ which utilises laser beams only to kill bacteria at the end. Fort Dental Hospital recommends its Laser Root Canal Treatment for reduced treatment time, increased precision and lower risk of reinfection. Most Laser RCT procedures can be undergone in a single sitting. Like its other laser dental procedures, the Laser RCT cost is kept as low as possible to make it affordable for all patients.
Post RCT Care
It is important to maintain adequate oral hygiene after a Laser RCT procedure. However, one may experience minimal inflammation and soreness once the anesthesia wears off. There are no other constraints after the procedure. In the unlikely case of further discomfort, you can always follow up with us at Fort Dental Hospital.

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