Low-Level Laser Therapy

Ulcers in the mouth are excruciating, the cause of which remains unknown. Until recent times, there was no cure for this oral cavity condition. The reason for this is the lack of knowledge of the cause. Currently, the only perceived treatment for ulcers was topical creams, mouth rinses, steroids, corticosteroids, etc., which takes a lot of time to show results. Low level laser therapy or LLLT, however, act as an effective and faster treatment option for such lesions in the oral cavity.
Why use low level lasers?
Low level lasers, unlike topical medication, provide a faster and safer solution to mouth ulcers. It is able to promote healing and provide immediate pain relief. On the application of low-level laser therapy in dentistry, the experts have noticed a significant amount of impact in the healing of the wound.
Another reason why doctors and patients prefer low intensity light therapy is the lack of overdose of drugs and the side effects of the same. Unlike other laser therapies, LLLT neither destroys tissue, nor does it elevate the tissue temperature. Instead, it works more like a 'cold laser' that operates within specific targeted tissues.
What lasers are used?
FortDental possesses and utilizes Erbium laser for all its low level laser therapies due to its effectiveness in reducing sensitivity. It melts the tooth's surface, thereby eliminating sensitivity for an increased period. Benefits of low level laser therapy

  • Instant pain relief
  • Stimulates and promotes faster healing
  • Does not have any side-effects
  • Does not destroy the tissue
  • Ability to target problematic tissues effectively
  • Reduces the intensity, size, recurrence of ulcers

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