Pediatric dental emergencies
Pediatric dental emergencies


Parents are always the first one to notice child emergencies before the specialist.parents need to report the incident immediately to the specialist and do not use home remedies or delay the treatment. Tooth pain: Warm saline mouth swishes to clear of the area of the food debris and call the doctor immediately.
Lip bite or tongue bite:Application of cold pack or ice covered in a towel over the affected area.Apply pressure with gauze over the area which is bleeding.Report to the specialist immediately.
Broken tooth:Patient is suggested to clean the area with warm saline rinses.Place cold ice pack over the injured area and report to the specialist immediately.Future of the tooth lies in the time elapsed before the treatment.
Avulsion: If tooth comes out as a single piece,carefully place it in a clean piece of gauze or cloth.If possible dip it in milk,physiologic saline or commercially available Save a tooth solution(HBSS)(ATTACH PICTURE) Time wasted is very crucial for reimplantation of teeth if possible.
Broken braces:Carefully take the broken braces out and look for any sharp edges of the wire.Apply cold pack over the area experiencing pain and bubblegum over the sharp edges of the wire.Report to the specialist for further evaluation.

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