Preventive Dental Therapy

PREVENTIVE DENTAL THERAPY Prevention is better than cure.
This is our motto at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL and Clinic.
We believe that dental caries can be prevented with early intervention and care.
When should the patient visit the specialist for dental caries?
Patients should not wait for the dental caries to occur.First visit to the dentist should be made as soon as the first teeth erupt in the oral cavity.
How to take care of the first milk teeth in the oral cavity ?
Visit the specialist as soon as the first teeth erupt in the oral cavity.
Below mentioned methods aid in maintaining milk teeth at home:
1. Wet gauze strips should be used to wipe over the teeth and inside the mouth after feeding milk.
2. Artificial sweetener should not be used.
3. Milk bottles should not not be left in the child’s mouth overnight.
4. Little amount of water should be added to the milk bottle after drinking milk,and should be fed to the child.
This naturally cleanses the child’s mouth.
How can dental caries or Early childhood caries/ECC be prevented ?
Dental caries can be prevented by:
1. Maintaining good oral hygiene.
2. Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste of grain size in kids( less than 5 years) and pea size for children should be used.
3. Regular visit to the specialist.
4. Application of pit and fissure sealants.

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