Trauma to the teeth can be transmitted to the supporting structures, which get damaged. This can cause mobility(shaking) of the teeth. Such mobile (loose)teeth may require splinting for a specified period of time till the supporting tissue heals and the tooth becomes stable.
Splint is “an appliance designed to stabilize mobile teeth”.
● Patients present with multiple teeth that have become mobile as a direct result of gradual bone loss.
● Patients present with increased tooth mobility accompanied by pain or discomfort in the affected teeth.
● Following loosening of teeth by trauma (accidental or surgical).
● To stabilize teeth in their new position after orthodontic repositioning.
● As a supportive measure to facilitate periodontal therapeutic procedures for hypermobile teeth.
● To immobilize excessively mobile teeth so that patients can chew more comfortably.
● To avoid moving of the teeth prior to or during reconstructive procedures TYPES:

  • Removable splints
  • Maxillary and mandibular bite guard
  • Maxillary occlusal splint
  • Mandibular occlusal splint
  • Soft occlusal splint
  • Wires and acrylic plates are also used as splint
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