the all in one 6 technique
the all in one 6 technique


We look towards an everlasting commitment to your pleasant smile. The all-on-6 technique, also known as full mouth dental implants, is a procedure wherein six implants are placed in the lower jaw, thereby providing secure and optimal support for a denture.
The first phase of the treatment includes scanning the jaw and teeth with X-rays or CBCT scans. Next, the tooth health is checked for, and after optimal adjustments, dental implant placement followed by provisional denture procedure is carried out. In the next phase of the all-on-6 implant technique, the temporary bridge is replaced with a final full mouth metal-free Zirconium crown and bridge tooth implant. Dental implants have come to the rescue of those who may have lost teeth, but with these implants, they regain the ability to chew almost everything.
The procedure, as mentioned above, is one of the many types of dental implants in India. Other factors, like the all-on-6 implant cost in India, also makes it one of the favourable methods. No requirement of bone graft, suitable for all bone quantities, no need for healing time before functioning are some of the added benefits of this technique along with keeping in mind the affordable complete dental implant cost in India.

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