Mars Photos by Curiosity Rover Teeming with ‘UFOs’

Mars Photos by Curiosity Rover Teeming with ‘UFOs’


If your company offers paid time off for employees, this should also be accounted for in accrued payroll. That’s because, even if the employee doesn’t take time off that particular month, your business still owes them the value of their PTO. This is especially true in workplaces where employees accrue PTO each month.

Inbox: The operative word is chance –

Inbox: The operative word is chance.

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Keeping track of payroll entries, credits, and debits for every employee in your organization as well as the many other expenses you face leaves room for error. If something goes wrong, adjusting entries can become a huge chore—you’ll have to dig through potentially hundreds of records. Keeping up with a journal entry for every employee can be challenging, which is why many employers have begun opting for automated payroll management solutions. Gross pay is the amount that employees are paid before income tax withholdings. Net pay is what employees receive after payroll deductions for taxes and retirement contributions are taken out. Accounting Accounting and bookkeeping basics you need to run and grow your business.

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Variable rate Sallie Mae loans applied for on or after April 1, 2021, use the Secured Overnight Financing Rate as the index. Variable rate Sallie Mae loans applied for before April 1, 2021, use the London Interbank Offered Rate as the index. A fixed interest rate is an interest rate that stays the same for the life of the loan. To opt-in for investor email alerts, please enter your email address in the field below and select at least one alert option. After submitting your request, you will receive an activation email to the requested email address.

What is epistemic curiosity?

Epistemic curiosity (EC) can be defined as “desire for knowledge that motivates individuals to learn new ideas, eliminate information-gaps, and solve intellectual problems” (Litman, 2008; see Berlyne, 1960, Loewenstein, 1994).

What is accrued curiosity?, van Schijndel T, Friel D, Schulz L. Balancing theories and evidence in children’s exploration, explanations, and learning. The footage would be very curious indeed, and deserving of the widespread media attention it has accrued — if it were real, that is. Your student loan interest—both federal and private—may be eligible for a tax deduction.Learn more about regulations and necessary forms. Both LIBOR and SOFR are common rates used for loans and reflect the ups and downs of the market at large. A variable interest rate is an interest rate that may go up or down due to an increase or decrease to the loan’s index.

Curiosity and Interest definition

At the hackathon one team created a feature called SurveyMonkey Genius, which helps avoid these mistakes. It uses artificial intelligence to assess the surveys people are creating and provides expert guidance on how to change the format and structure to get better results. At this point, with established employee values and a new company mission, we didn’t settle. We began to think about how we could increase the curiosity level within our culture to better serve our customers. Enhancing this quality doesn’t happen organically—you have to approach it deliberately. This move, although right for the business, was another big change for the team. I continued to spend part of each day providing emotional support for employees and maintaining transparency about our strategy.


Dr. Fisher is a co-founder of Hoosier Cancer Research Network and served as the organization’s vice chair until 2000. Select how you want to make student loan payments—auto debit, paying online, mobile app, by phone, mail, or third-party bill-pay services. When you pay off your student loan in full, you’ll have paid more than the amount you originally borrowed. This is generally due to the accrual of interest and interest capitalization. Once you get started, you’ll think of many more ways to pique your students’ curiosity, engage them in active learning, and create a vibrant classroom community with ABC. It also emphasizes how this can be accomplished by adopting practices, like mindfulness and gratitude that lead to positive results. This content is for information purposes only and should not be considered legal, accounting, or tax advice, or a substitute for obtaining such advice specific to your business.

How to record accrued payroll and taxes

This idea recalls the fact that we are curious for things that we are moderately certain of (Kang et al., 2009). The second dimension of curiosity that Berlyne described informational specificity.

  • If OFC is an input to the evaluation system, then it should carry information about the reward value of curiosity but may not carry a single general reward signal.
  • This is the same for both Federal Direct Loans and private student loans.
  • Under Dember and Early’s theory of choice/preference, learners seek stimuli that match their preferred level of complexity, which increases over time as they build up mental representations and acquire more knowledge (Dember & Earl, 1957).

Must try at least to shake off the cloud of mere custom and see the thing as new, if only by seeing it as unnatural.” America can be more innovative if it recaptures its sense of wonder and curiosity and by funding basic research. In this paper, I explore the role that the intellectual virtue of curiosity can play in response to some of the most pressing challenges of the Information Age. I argue that virtuous curiosity represents a valuable characterological resource for the twenty-first century, in particular, a restricted form of curiosity, namely inquisitiveness.

Acquiring information, of course, is the primary evolutionary purpose of the sense organs, and has been a major driver of evolution for hundreds of millions of years. Complex organisms actively control their sense organs to maximize intake of information. For example, we choose our visual fixations strategically to learn about the things that are important to us in the context (Yarbus 1956; Gottlieb et al., 2012, 2013, 2014).

  • Infants prefer novel stimuli in many paradigms, such as those used by Fantz , the high-amplitude sucking procedure (Siqueland & DeLucia, 1969), and head-turn preference procedure (Kemler Nelson et al., 1995).
  • Like many tech companies, we sponsor hackathons, where our engineers, product managers, and designers stay up too late, drink too much Red Bull, and quickly pursue new ideas in a competitive, anything-goes environment.
  • I argue that virtuous inquisitiveness should be trained and cultivated, via the skill of good questioning, and discuss the risks of failing to do so in relation to the design and use of novel technologies.
  • One factor limiting our understanding of it is the lack of a widely agreed upon delineation of what is and is not curiosity; another factor is the dearth of standardized laboratory tasks that manipulate curiosity in the lab.
  • In an experiment in which Bonawitz and colleagues gave children a novel toy to explore, either prefaced or not with partial instruction of how the toy works, children played for longer and discovered more of the toys’ functions in the non-pedagogical conditions.

These are wages that are owed for the labor performed by your employees and are accounted as a liability until payday, when they become an expense. However, it’s a good idea to understand the size of your liabilities as a business owner. So, keeping track of accrued salary as part of accrued payroll is critical. Infants enter the world with some simple, low-level heuristics for guiding their attention towards certain informative features of the world. Haith argued that these organizing principles for visual behavior are fundamentally stimulus-driven.

The present Perspective aims summarize this recent research, motivate new interested in the problem, and to tentatively propose a framework for future studies of the neuroscience and psychology of curiosity. Hoosier Cancer Research Network conducts innovative cancer research in collaboration with academic and community physicians and scientists across the United States. The organization provides comprehensive clinical trial management and support, from conception through publication.

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