At FORT, we believe that dental care for young children is the first step towards a proper oral hygiene and we absolutely recommend seeing a pedodontist at a very early age.Please find some of the key dental services specifically designed for Children at FORT.
First Dental Visit
Preparing your child for their first dental visit will help your child to feel more comfortable when they are at our dental facility. During this first visit, our specialist pedodontists will examine the child’s teeth, give you necessary updates on their oral health and growth and also educate you on proper home care. We will also make child specific recommendations for the need of sealants, fluoride and other services based on your child’s individual habitsAfter the first dental visit, we recommend that there is a follow up every six months to monitor dental development and prevent any sort of dental diseases.
Handling Baby Teeth
Children need very strong baby teeth to eat well and also have a happy and healthy smile. Baby teeth are also very important in maintaining space for permanent teeth. Early loss of the baby teeth can lead to orthodontic problems.At FORT, our specialists will provide necessary preventive, restorative and other orthodontic services to your child’s growing needs
Children often eat lot of chocolates and other sugary substances leading to deposits within the teeth and these deposits slowly convert into cavities. To treat such problems we recommend using Sealants as a preventive measure on permanent or baby teeth. Sealants will form a preventive layer and help in avoiding tooth decay
Stainless Steel Crowns
In the event of a tooth getting destroyed by decay to an extent that there is little or no structure to support a filling then it is best to surround that teeth with a crown.