Child Orthodontics
Child Orthodontics

Child Orthodontics

How do you know it as a parent?
Crooked teeth ,misaligned jaws,rotated teeth ,crowded teeth are real problems even for a child .
The problem of children does not correct itself with age.Consult your dentist and get specialised treatment here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL.
Nipping the evil in the bud is the tagline for child orthodontics as bones are soft and faster and cleaner results are observed.
Give your child the happy smile he /she deserves.
Parents see it first?
Habits of the children are first observed by the parents ,be it
Thumb sucking
Nail biting
Lip biting
Tongue thrusting
These require immediate attention of the doctor.Report them to your dentist as soon as you see them.These require habit breaking appliances,which if not given well in time have proven deleterious effects on the developing teeth.

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