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What is Cosmetic Dentistry ?

Some people suffer from diseased or missing teeth and feel uncomfortable, shut themselves away and avoid social contacts. Do not let this happen!. Cosmetic dentistry is giving treatment to problematic teeth with minimal, but new technological methods without pain. An evenly oral structure, clean and full teeth are our targets which we pursue with our cosmetic dentistry treatment in Tolichowki, Hyderabad, India. We make you leave our dental hospital in Hyderabad, India with a radiant smile on your face and will completely experience a new sense of life.

We create a treatment plan at our hospital in  Hyderabad, India to every individual which is based on the professional comprehension of the dentist and on your personal ideas. In many cases, we have already treated many dental problems with simple treatments of cosmetic dentistry and without intense reports. We Have Best Cosmetic Dentist Surgeons.

Who Can Benefit from Our Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment in Hyderabad?

Every person has their own oral anatomy. Therefore, face, facial expressions and smile can differ for every person. Patients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry at Fort Dental hospital in Hyderabad, India shall not forget that we develop an individual design for each face.

In Hyderabad we treat patients

  • Who have problems with their teeth while smiling
  • Who exhibit an abnormal oral structure and anatomy of smiling
  • Whose teeth show stains, yellowing or changes of colour
  • Whose teeth are crooked, dense or gappy
  • Whose teeth are fractured, chipped or cracked
  • Who have old, unaesthetic fillings

With the help of the smile design we create a dental design in Hyderabad, which fits your dental and facial anatomy perfectly.
Criteria of the smile design:

    • Horizontal alignment of pupils and teeth
    • The symmetry of the front teeth
    • Alignment of the smile line
    • Gumline, which is shown while smiling
    • A width of the smile
  • Natural triangular gap between the tops of the teeth
    Correct proportions of the teeth
Teeth WhiteningCosmetic Dentistry In Hyderabad

Teeth whitening is a process of removing discolorations of the teeth. This form of cosmetic dentistry can be applied to all healthy teeth without damaging the teeth or gingiva. There are two different methods of teeth whitening: the plasma-light technology, which is used by a dentist at the clinic, or the bleaching-method, which can be performed by the patient himself at home.

At first, we spread hydrogene peroxide on the teeth at Fort Dental in Hyderabad,India. With the help of intense light beams the gel is activated and the teeth are whitened. You will experience an immediate result of the teeth. whitening.

Actress Himani Negi
Actress Himani Negi
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