Dental Implants


How long will the implant last?
With proper placement and post placement care an implant should last more than 25 years.

Will the procedure be painful?
Our team of implantologists at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL ensure pain free procedure and hassle free follow up.

Will i be able to perform all tooth related functions after implant placement?
Dental implant is the closest replica of the natural tooth and the patient is able to perform all the functions of natural teeth.

How long till I'm able to start chewing on the implant site?
As soon as you get the implant you will be able to maintain all the functions.

Will i have to wait for brushing my mouth after implants?
Maintaining implant is the same as your everyday care,that includes brushing twice a day and flossing.[as per guidance of the doctor]

Duration of the procedure?
Implant placement is a single sitting procedure . Care should be taken for regular follow ups.

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