Mutilated Teeth
Mutilated Teeth


Grossly weakened teeth,broken due to trauma,caries,or infection are termed as mutilated teeth. The amount of tooth structure left after the loss cannot be corrected with fillings,depending upon the left over tooth structure procedure is planned.
TOOTH ANATOMY Human tooth is composed of a crown portion which is visible outside the gums and root which is firmly held in bone and is present in the gums .
Crown portion has two hard layers enamel and dentin.Root on the other hand has cementum as outer covering and dentin on the inner surface.
Innermost portion of the tooth consists of soft tissue which comprises blood vessels and nerves called as dental pulp.These soft tissue structure provides for the nourishment and vitality of the tooth structure.
If the nerves and vessels(dental pulp) of the involved tooth are vital then only the crown portion is replaced,and if nerves and vessels(dental pulp) are also compromised then root canal treatment followed by crown is given.
Zirconia crowns :
Are best for the replacement of anterior crowns.Zirconia crowns bear closest resemblance to the human crowns in terms of aesthetics and form.
Ceramic crowns:
These are all white in colour and mostly preferred by the patients for posterior and anterior crowns as well.
Porcelain fused to metal crowns(PFM):
Porcelain as the outer cover for colour matching and metal in the interior for strength.These are not the first choice for the molars.
Metallic crowns
Gold crowns

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