Oral Diagnosis and Radiology refers to a special branch of dentistry, which studies patients' dental history. It is done through a detailed clinical examination of the oral tissues and structures. Further, radiographs are used to estimate the oral health status for developing the perfect treatment plan.
The department of oral diagnosis utilizes a multidisciplinary approach. Upon entering, the patients are sent to this department for recording their complaints, followed by the recording of their medical, and oral history. The oral cavity is examined thoroughly. Later, the members of the department, coordinate with other specialty members, and prepare a definite diagnosis. All the procedures result in an interdisciplinary, patient-centered approach. Each member evaluates their part of the treatment. The depth and complexity of the disease are determined. Coordinated expertise of the team results in the best patient care.
The department concentrates on oral mucosal diseases, OSMF, leukoplakia, etc. These diseases can sometimes be manifestations of systemic disease or local oral disease.
Some of the tools used by the hospital include-
It is a hand-held laser with detection aid, to confirm the precise location of the lesion before restorative incipient. It operates at a wavelength of 655 nm.
Bad breath is an embarrassing problem. It can be solved by proper oral diagnosis and treatment. Halimeter is a small machine that reads the patient's breath. It indicates the enzymes and chemicals inside the breath.
Pulp Tester
It ascertains the vitality of a tooth. Dental pulp tests provide treatment planning information.
This examination checks the mouth for abnormalities. Early detection can stop the growth of fatal cells or tumors.
It is a simple surgery for removing a sample of soft tissue or bone. It aims to find the nature of the abnormality, caused by illness or injury.

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