Over the past several decades, the need for oral health care professionals to understand basic principles of medicine and diagnosis has grown exponentially. Oral health is an integral part of total health, and oral health care professionals must adapt to demographic changes and medical advances and shoulder the responsibility of being part of the patient’s overall health care team. Oral medicine is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on the diagnosis and management of complex diagnostic and medical disorders affecting the mouth and jaws.
Diagnosis of a disease is mainly based on the etiology, pathogenesis and the clinical symptoms associated with the specific condition.
As we know that the correct diagnosis of the disease forms the strong foundation for accurate treatment and favorable patient outcome it is our duty to consider and choose a proper diagnostic aid that are useful for particular patient.
Here at FORT DENTAL HOSPITAL are well equipped with the latest technology and arrive at accurate diagnosis.
DIAGNODENT – ACCURATE, RELIABLE CARIES DETECTION AID Diagnodent makes use of this property of calculus to detect its presence- autoflurosecence based technology.
Diagnodent involves use of an indium gallium arsenide phosphate (InGaAsP) based red laser diode which emits a wavelength of 655nm through an optical fibre causing fluorescence of tooth surface and calculus.
The emitted fluorescent light returning from the tooth tissue is captured by surrounding optical fibers and transmitted to an integrated photo diode, which serves as the fluorescence detector.
The fluorescence intensities are measured, transformed and shown on a digital display as relative calculus-detection values from 0-99.
HALIMETER-Its performance lacks specificity in the analysis of the different components of mouth air portable volatile sulfur monitor.It is an electronic device that analyzes the concentration of hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan.It aids in the detection of bad breath /Halitosis.
Assessment of pulp vitality is most frequently accomplished by electric pulp testing and/or cold testing. The vitality of the pulp is determined by the intactness and health of the vascular supply, not the status of the pulpal nerve fibers.
The response of the pulp to electric testing does not reflect the histologic health or disease status of the pulp.A response by the pulp to the electric current only denotes that some viable nerve fibers are present in the pulp and are capable of responding. Numerical readings on the pulp tester have significance only if the number differs significantly from the readings obtained from a control tooth tested on the same patient with the electrode positioned at a similar area on both teeth.
Early diagnosis of cancer is vital for treatment .Visilite makes it possible by detecting early unusual growth of cells.
Biopsy is the removal and examination of a part or the whole of a lesion. There are several types of biopsy technique.
Surgical biopsy (incisional or excisional)
Fixed specimen for paraffin blocks
Frozen sections
Fine needle aspiration biopsy
Thick needle /core biopsy

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