Only clinical correlation along with the history, clinical signs, laboratory tests, and the results of the imaging examination will result in a well-considered accurate diagnosis and there by will help in planning a proper treatment sequence.
Radiographs play an integral role in the assessment of periodontal disease.
They provide unique information about the status of the periodontium and a permanent record of the condition of the bone throughout the course of the disease.
Radiographs aid in the :
Diagnosis of diseases
Determination of the prognosis
Evaluation of the outcome of treatment.
Both intraoral and extra-oral projections are used in the assessment of the periodontal disease status:
IOPA radiographs
Periapical Radiographs (Paralleling Technique)
Bite Wing Radiographs
Digital Radiography
Substraction Radiography
CADIA (Computed Assisted Densitometric Image Analysis)
Computed Tomography

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