What is T-Scan?
T-Scan is a diagnostic device that helps in tracking a patient's bite force. Since it is meant to scan the peculiarities of the jaw, the initial section is shaped the same. Thus, doctors can now easily detect the patient's occlusal force, location, as well as the timing. The T-SCAN SYSTEM is a contemporary, validated, and certified method of digitally examining the occlusal force.
What is the use of the T-SCAN SYSTEM?
The human jaw occlusion must always be maintained for enhanced health and hygiene. Thus, the T-SCAN SYSTEM is the perfect device to ensure a balance. An articulating paper works best with the T-Scan device to get accurate test results.
When do we need to use the T-Scan?
As mentioned above, the T-Scan device is essential to diagnose jaw problems. Some of the most common situations when we use a T-Scan are TMJ disorders, mouth restoration after an accident or trauma, orthodontics, implant treatments, and more.

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